Immediate Load

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Immediate load for full arch rehabilitation patients has well known advantages, and it is in many situations the only available option. This course will address the rehabilitation of the edentulous patient topic emphasising the need of customize treatment plans. All stages of the procedure from treatment plan to final denture will be discussed. The clinicians will

watch live surgeries and perform the surgeries in patients.



    • Immediate load protocol according to patient features: indications and limitations.
    • Pre-operative planning.
    • Immediate load: impressions, methods and elaboration of temporary restoration.
    • Criteria and timing for the definitive rehabilitation.



    • Immediate load surgeries
    • Prosthodontic procedures for temporary prosthesis.


    Editions:         March-12nd - 14th
                                June- 04th - 06th
                    September- 24th - 26th
                    November- 26th - 28th

    Target Audience:  Implantology professionals with an academic and professional curriculum compatible with the adequate experience degree.
    Available places: 4

    Duration: 3 Days
    Verifiable CPD hours: 24
    Fee: EUR 3'000 (VAT free)

    Language course English

    For more information:
    M. +351 914 411 024

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